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Yacht Shopping in Antibes

The company Yacht Shopping based in Antibes, deals in maintenance and repairs of prestigious yachts since 1991.

Yacht Shopping offers you a perfect selection of complementary services to satisfy the various requirements of your yacht.

Your yacht requires top quality services for mechanical repair, supply of equipment, maintenance or caretaking. Our expertise in yachts ensures our valued customers the highest quality and excellent advice.

Our large network of suppliers of equipment and accessories, guarantees the replacement of all parts in the fastest way possible. Your cruising can resume safely after our quality service.

We operate worldwide for the upkeep and maintenance of your vessel. We guarantee quality work, taking into account all your requirements.

Our team of qualified and dedicated professionals speaks 4 languages in order to fully understand: English, French, Spanish, Italian.

Our services :

Yacht Shopping offers a wide range of products for all your yachting needs.

  • Generators

  • Pumps

  • Battery Chargers

  • Spares

  • Security equipment

  • Water makers

  • Main Engines

  • Batteries

  • Electric supplies

  • Lubricants

  • Diesel

  • Safety equipment

  • Ship supply

  • Charts and navigation supplies

We personally deliver in the northern Mediterranean area. We organize air transport or courier so that your equipment arrives directly where your yacht is. 

Our mechanical department takes care of all services to main engines and generators. 

The Yacht Shopping Team provides advice and support for the purchase of parts or accessories.

Our brands :

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